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Back In The Saddle

Posted by [email protected] on March 24, 2017 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

This is the first book I have read by Ruth Logan Herne. I look forward to reading more of her stories. I give this book 4 stars. I also would recommend this book to everyone that likes to read. Looking at the cover of this book, you would think this is a typical western cowboy type story. This was a good romance fiction.

This book is about Colt Stafford and Angelina Morales. Sam Stafford is Colt's son. Angelina is the manager of the house. Colt has been gone from the ranch in for nine years. Now he has come back home. Colt was living in Manhatten, when the market crashed and  it left him broke, so he returned home to help out. But the question is when the market gets better will he stay at the Double S Ranch, or will he go back to Wall Street in Manhatten. Colt's mother, Christine Stafford had died thirty one years ago, when Colt was four years old.  Colt called a P.I. friend of his, Jake. He wanted him to look into Angelina's life.  He told Colt that she had been a detective in Seattle on the drug section.  He also found Angelina's mom and son, and where they lived.  Colt went to get them and moved them into the ranch. Noah was so excited.  He took to Colt like he had always new him.  Colt eventually  decided to stay at the ranch.

Angelina had a son, Noah, that stays with her mom. She had also been on the police force, as a hostage negotiator, and with the drug task force.  She helped bring down some major players in the drug network.  She moved her mom and son to a cabin where they would be safe.  She decided to stay at the ranch, after her and Colt decided to get married. She hoped that her mom would stay, and she said that she would. Colt's brother Nick had two girls, Cheyenne and Dakota.  Isabo, Angelina's mom helps to take care of Noah and both girls, when needed.

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My Life to Live

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I love this book.  I have watched All My Children and One Life To Live since I was little.  I started watching All My Children since the first day it came on.  I give this book four stars and would highly recommend it to any one that likes soap operas. The one thing that I didn't like was trying to remember the names and who they went with, especially if they had the same names. For example, there was a Agnes, an Aggie, and Ag.

Carol Burnett  tells  how  she met Agnes and about how she loved watching All My Children.  Carol became a fan of AMC when Erica was on her first marriage.  She worked in a variety show and they would schedule their lunch break to where they could watch AMC.  Agnes called Carol and ask her if she wanted to play a role as Verla Grubb. She was so mad and sad that the show got canceled. Agnes was asked how she came up with the name for One Life to Live and she said that all her life it had been a passion of hers a basic truth: we only have and we have to try and make the most out of it.

Agnes was a writer and a producer. She was the first woman to win the Trustees Award for excellence in production. Her insecurities plagued her and she felt like she did not deserve it.  She was also the first woman to join the Soap Opera Hall Of Fame. She also won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. In 1944 Agnes wrote a play called The Northwestern University Radio Play Shop.  The title was, No Flag's Flying. Agnes was the eleventh child as out of twelve children. Agnes married Harry Eckhardt and they had one child, a daughter named Agnes. She was called Aggie. Agnes' second husband was Bob Nixon. They had the following children: Cathy, Mary,  Bob, Emily, and Aggie. Agnes had ten grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. Agnes was the creator of All My Children and One Life to Live.  She was the cocreator of  Search For Tomorrow and As The World Turns.  After All My Children and One Life To Live was canceled she started writing this book about her and her family. She had a stroke that impacted her walking and speech, but her mind was still sharp as a tack.

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No Fear

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This is not normally the kind of book that I read, but I will give it a shot. I usually read horror, science fiction, that type of book. If you like reading this type of book, you will probably like it. I will give it four stars. I started to read this book, but I didn't get very far, and quit.

There are some important and famous people that is mentioned in the book, like Kelly Clarkson, Jason and David Benham among others.

So hopefully someone else can give this book a proper review.

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The Women of Easter

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I have never read anything from this author. The book was nice from the first page to the last page. I give this book 5 stars. I would highly recommend this book. This book was mainly about three women named Mary. Mary of Nazareth, Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene.


Mary of Nazareth, was the mother of Jesus. Mary of Nazareth remained by Jesus' side from His first breath to His last, Mary's loyalty never once wavered.


Mary of Bethany, poured perfume on the Lord and wiped his feet with her hair. Mary of Bethany loved to sit quietly and peacefully at Christ’s feet, and become lost in His unfolding of the truth. People could smell her perfume from far away, so they started their journey to Bethany. They had also heard that Jesus was there.


Mary Magdalene witnessed Jesus' resurrction and told his disciples. Mary Magdalene walked to the tomb. Mary Magdalene traveled with the followers of Christ. Several of them shared her spirit filled history.


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This is the first time I have read a book like this one. I normally don't read this kind of book. I am more into, vampires, werewolves, and witches. I will give the book a four. If you like this type of book, I would recommend it to you. The book is divided into six parts: Part One I Want to Grow Up to Be Spider-man, Part Two Maybe You're Not Cut Out For This, Part Three The Real Right Stuff, Part Four The Door to Space, Part Five Russian Roulette, and Part Six Worth the Risk. The book also had a prologue and an epilogue.


Mike served as a Astronaut at NASA from 1996 until the fall of 2014. The first time he left Earth was on March 1, 2002. Which consisted of seven people, five veterans and two rookies. When he joined in 1996 the class consisted of 44 people. At the end, all that was left was 8 people. He left NASA to become a full time professor at Columbia. His main class and most popular was Introduction to Human Space Flight.


I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading about them. Also what I thought was kinda neat was that he could tweet from space. All the astronauts had nicknames. Mike's nickname was "MASS".


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Home On The Range

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I have read some her books. They were good. I give her books a 4. I would recommend this book to all that likes these kinda books. I like the front and back covers of the book.  Home on the Range, is the second book in the Double S Ranch series.

The story is about Nick and his daughters. Nicks brothers left the ranch, so Nick had to run his father's ranch by himself as the ranch manager. Nick and the girls lived in town. Nick's wife, Whitney, left him and their daughters, Cheyenne and Dakota. She was a princess but was not ready to be queen so she left with the court jester or commonly known as a rodeo riding hired hand. 

The principal at school wanted Nick to meet with a therapist, Elsa for the girls. The girls were not doing well in school. Eventually together they try to get along for the girls sake. Elsa will become Cheyenne's tutor. Nick and Elsa finally agree that they are in love and want to be together.

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Nourishing Meals

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This cook book is nicely put together. The pictures are beautiful. I would highly recommend this cook book. I give it 5 stars.

I like the way they did the table of contents.  Foundations of Health; Raising Healthy Children; The Recipes; Smoothies; Breakfast;  Breads and Muffins; Soups and Stews; Salads and Vegetables; Whole Grains and Noodles; Main Meals; Dressings, Dips, and Sauces; Wraps and Rolls; Snacks and Treats; Desserts; Beverages; Preserving The Harvest.

I look foward to trying some of these recipes. I have already seen some that my husband will like

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Food 52 A New Way to Dinner

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This is another new author that I have gotten.  The pictures are beautiful. The front and back covers are pretty also. I would highly recommend this cook book.

The book is done with the seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Even though the recipes look good, I don't see myself using this book often unless it is the desserts section.

As far as not using the book often is on me and my taste alone, and has nothing to do with the book.

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The Angel of Forest Hill

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This is going to be another good book. This is gonna be the 10th book by Cindy Woodsmall. I highly recommend this book. I will give it 5 stars.

As the story starts, Rose and her family are at the breakfast table, when the bishop stopped by.  He talked about a family in West Virginia that needed help with the children.  The mom had a baby and lost too much blood during surgery and died. The bishop asked Roses's dad if she could go and help the family with the children. They said yes.  Joel, the kids dad would have to marry Rose or she could not live in the house, so they set up guidelines and got married.

A few years pass and one dad Joel's dad brought an envelope and put it on the table and left.  Come to find out it was annullment papers. Rose goes to see her mom and finally her mama finally breaks down and apolizes for the way she was treated all her life. She tells her to go back to Joel.  It takes a while but they get everything worked out.

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Fraying At The Edge

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I absolutely love this author and her books. I have read nine of her books so far. I would definitely recommend this book and her others. This story is set in Summer Grove, Pa. I give this book 5 stars.


The story begins with Lovina on her knees asking God for his help. Her daughter Ariana, that she raised, was switched at birth. Her real daughter was named Skylar. When they found out, each girl went and had to live with the other parents for a year. Ariana and Skylar had to adjust to ways of life that are completely foreign to each young lady.


Nicholas is Ariana's real dad, and he wants Ariana to spend one year with him and her biological mother, Brandi Nash. Nicholas convinced the girls to do a one-year trial period in exchange for her father not suing the midwife who made the mistake. Skyler chose a year with her Amish family rather than going to rehab for a drug addiction. Quill, the former Amishman who helps families who want to leave the Amish community.


The only person Ariana can contact is Quill Schlabach, former Amish that left the Amish. Quill, is a former Amishman who helps families who want to leave the Amish community.


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"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."